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Kabanero is an open source project focused on bringing together foundational open source technologies into a modern microservices-based framework. Developing apps for container platforms requires harmony between developers, architects, and operations. Today’s developers need to be efficient at much more than writing code. Architects and operations get overloaded with choices, standards, and compliance. Kabanero speeds development of applications built for Kubernetes while meeting the technology standards and policies your company defines. Design, develop, deploy, and manage with speed and control!

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Kabanero can help your team modernize existing applications to leverage benefits of cloud and containers.

Cloud Native

Kabanero can help you create cloud native applications with your team.

Application Development and Deployment Lifecycle

Modernize Applications

Languages & Runtimes




Modernize Applications

Plan, execute, and enhance your cloud modernization journey. Kabanero integrates with free modernization tooling from IBM for Java applications. Choose to re-factor applications based on ROI. Accelerate development efforts with assistance within your IDE using guided code changes.

Languages and Runtimes

Use the right language for the job. Java is at the core of most modern application environments and can support Eclipse MicroProfile or Spring-based microservices. No matter your workload, we have runtimes and application stacks to simplify application development and delivery on Kubernetes.

Java Node Go Python MicroProfile Jakarta EE Spring Open Liberty


Develop applications for Kubernetes faster using extensions to industry leading IDEs. Perform inner loop development of applications directly in containers from day one. Eclipse Codewind provides extensions to VS Code, Eclipse, as well as Eclipse Che for teams preferring a cloud hosted IDE. Hosted or local, it’s the same experience.


DevOps is critical for a successful microservices-based deployment. Kabanero supplies an integrated open source CI/CD (continuous integration / continuous delivery) infrastructure based on the open source project Tekton. Kabanero provides for a rich set of stages that pipelines can use to integrate features like patching, vulnerability scanning, and more.


Applications are deployed with best practices for Kubernetes deployments including scale, security, health and liveness probes. Kabanero also provides the ability to augment the base images with additional management capabilities as defined in the application stack. See everything from a single pane of glass with insights and correlation spanning traditional and Kubernetes applications for proactive problem determination.

Built on a foundation of:

Kubernetes® Knative Istio

When you are ready for support, we've got you covered

The Kabanero open source project is included within IBM Cloud Pak for Applications , providing a feature called 'Accelerators for Teams'. Cloud Pak for Applications provides a faster, more secure way to move your core business applications to any cloud, in containers. Built on and supported on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

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